Solar Eclipse, NASA.

Much has been written about yesterday’s full lunar eclipse of the sun, which was seen in all of its full glory along the totality path from Oregon to South Carolina in the United States.

Even now, in modern-day writings, we can still see evidence of the historic fear of the Moon, insofar as history concerns the last couple of thousands of years.

The fear and superstition have a lot to do with fear of the unknown, the mysterious, which grew to envelope all things associated with the dark, night, Lunar, and the feminine.

Author and blogger Jan Olandese writes of Robert Graves perspective of the symbolism and qualities associated with sun and moon, shared in his book, The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth.

She writes,

“… he posits that there are two kinds of knowing:  solar (think of Apollo as the sun god of myth) which is material, scientific, mathematics, “practical,” grounded, the out in the open  – and associated with patriarchal religion. The other knowledge system is what he calls lunar (think Isis, the Moon Goddess): the numinous, the imagination, the indefinite, the feminine, the hidden, the secret, the Muse, inspiration, spiritual, intuition, and matriarchal religion).”

Sunrise over the Earth. Image courtesy of NASA.

From this description alone, we gain insight into the internalized (and projected) preferences for the former stemming from Solar Cult devotees, and their deep, intense fears of the latter, all things Lunar.

This was also the case with Algol, the star that seemed to wink at them, and thus freaked out the Cranky Paters. In their fear of it, they designated Algol ‘the most evil star’, and associated it — yawn — with Medusa, Feminine Wisdom.

Just so with their fear of the moon, with its shapeshifting, and then, at dark of the moon, disappearing altogether.

Harvest Super Full Moon, 2011, photo courtesy of APOD-NASA (deRosa).

Those fears and phobias weave through everything, from religion to science to astrology, and most everything in between, because they were deeply ingrained in those who held the Solar-preferring, Moon-fearing worldview.

We’re called in these times to become aware of and dismantle or dissolve the internalized fears, along with the fear-fueled superstitions and worldviews, and reintegrate the wisdom and gifts associated with the lunar, the medial, the feminine, and the Mysteries.

To spiral out of fear-spin and into the Heart, illuminated.

One Solar Eclipse information-bit that’s encouraging and perhaps symbolic and inspiring amidst all of the default doom-saying, nattering nabobs of negativity, and catastrophobia:

The Wampum. Image by Bon L. Ward, Two Row Times. See link below.

Bruce McClure at EarthSky, writes that a total Solar eclipse marked the beginning of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy on August 22, 1142 (See the article for how clues led to the dating) — the first democracy in this land, and the inspiration of the democratic republic we (may) still aspire towards.

We always have possibilities and choices about what and for whom we take a stand, and what we give our energy to support (or withdraw our energy from that we’re not willing to perpetuate or strengthen).

Medial, Lunar intelligence — intuition, non-colonized imagination, body wisdom, heart intelligence, awareness of our interconnection with all that is — guides and illuminates the intellect in making those choices.

For navigation guidance in reclaiming and integrating your Medial, Lunar, Feminine gifts (or for the Underworld passage when Life does that for you!):

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Big Love and post-Eclipse possibilities,


Earth from space, 2013, NASA. Public domain image.

Image link:

The Wampum is a symbol for the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy. See the Wampum photo and read What is the Haudenosaunee Confederacy at Two Row Times.