Our stunningly beautiful solar system. NASA Photojournal.
Our stunningly beautiful solar system. NASA Photojournal.

I received a fabulous email from a new reader who was drawn by the word-morph Sophiastology and wanted to know how I came up with it … and how it differs from traditional astrology

First …

I love hearing from and being in conversation with readers — kindred spirits and peeps near and far, via direct emails and in the comments sections of the posts.

It’s just so cool how we connect that way, and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Now, about that great “What is Sophiastrology?” question …

Let me just say …

My approach, generally and via my Sophiastrology & Intuitive Insights consultations, isn’t your usual “Donny Downer” or “Negative-Nelly Nocebo-focused” astro-reading or “out of a can” coaching that often leaves you feeling depressed, limited, unseen/unheard, and pretty much like crap.

Who needs that?

Ee gads! There’s way too much of that soul-crushing discouragement and “Nattering Nabob of Negativity” diminishing-mirror stuff out there already.

I’d rather empower, inspire, see and hear you — and there’s a reason for that — so I put heart and soul, attention and time into each consultation or reading. It’s personalized!

Where’d I get the name, Sophiastrology?

Sophiastrology is literally a hybrid of Sophia and Astrology.

I woke up thinking it one morning and it made perfectly good sense, me being the creatrix & curator of Sophia’s Children. It happens like that for me. Pretty cool.

Earth from space, 2013, NASA. Public domain image.
Earth from space, 2013, NASA. Public domain image.

My approach and intention with Sophiastrology (and pretty much everything else) is this:

I look for clues that will help to inspire you, stir your gifts and heartful passion, and reflect back reminders of who you truly are — what makes you unique and amazing (and what that means in this culture and world!).

I weave in intuitive insights — because it’s how I’m wired and they just come up anyway — plus suggestions, recommended practices and next steps, suggested reading that stirs the inspiration all the more.

Because the world needs you to BE you, fully and powerfully, skillfully and confidently, and very, very joyfully.

And because my purpose includes showering reminders, affirmations, handy tips and practices and guidance on my kindred-spirit frequency bringers, shift-catalysts, transformation leaders-and-seeders, etc.

The Sophiastrology + Intuitive Coaching readings are one of the ways I support that mission and purpose.

(PowerShift and other coaching/consultation options, and the bounty of writings here at Sophia’s Children, are some of the other ways).

There’s more on the Why and What of Sophiastrology … you’ll see the more-intel link below.

Earth and the 'great benefic', Jupiter ... and moons. Public domain image courtesy of NASA-U.S.If you want the good juju infusion of a Sophiastrology+Intuitive Coaching reading/session, head here and book it:

Take a look at current Featured Offerings & Specials.

(It makes a really good gift … for yourself or someone else you’d love to have feel affirmed and inspired!)

If you’re the curious “inquiring mind” type (Gemini moon, like mine?) and want a bit more intel about Sophiastrology+Intuitive Insight, why I include it, how I approach it, and how I weave my intuitive insights into a reading, here you go.

The “What and Why” of Sophiastrology?

Astro-Wisdom really does offer one batch of beauty, wisdom, insight, inspiration, and an affirmation of our interconnection with All That Is — As Above, So Below.

Kind of beautiful, really (once we dig beneath the ‘newspaper sun-sign horoscope’ stuff! It’s amazing, the beauty and real wealth that’s there underneath the pavement-of-culture!

Lots of Love (and thank you again for reading, for your comments, and those beautiful personal emails … I’m so grateful!).