More Ease. More Calm + Confidence. More Clarity & sense of purpose.

Trinity of candles for Yule and Christmastide (courtesy of Florida Deluxe Villas).
Trinity of candles for Yule and Christmastide (courtesy of Florida Deluxe Villas).

‘Tis the season (again … how did that happen so fast?).

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Early-December Specials – Calm+Confident, Clarity+ PowerShifts.

For a bit more good juju and heartful inspiration-stirring, read on.

Now is an ideal time to …

• reflect back & gather our “pearls” (and confidence!),

• release (finally!) the things that sap our confidence and energy and make us say, No more of this, thank you very much!

• orient towards the “desirable story” we really, really want to be living …
and …

• stir up and energize the magic of possibility — however we define that in heart & soul — until we’re living it.

All of the things that energize us, stirs up that inner “Yes!”

That’s pretty awesome — it makes us feel good, confident, resource-full.

Unfortunately, we also know — sometimes too well — that this time of year often stirs all kinds of stress, anxiety, and those unpleasant interactions that trigger us to our last dangling nerve.

It’d be great to not get caught up in the typical holiday/new year angst, stress, fatigue … that whole swirl of confusion, right?

Who wants to be stressed out through the holidays & begin a fresh year feeling zapped out, tapped out, and behind?

The Pleiades, 1885, by Elihu Vedder.
The Pleiades, 1885, by Elihu Vedder.

There is another possibility …

To feel more calm, confident, resourceful, centered.

To move into the new year feeling more focused, inspired, supported.

That’s surely what I’d prefer — and it’s what I would wish for everyone else.

I’ve created TWO (2) special offerings “book it before the holiday” specials … with bonus gifties — that support you in moving through the holiday season with greater Calm+Confidence, Passion+Purpose and into your new year feeling clear, energized, and your aim on the possibilities of 2017  …

There are several “time sensitive” and limited-time or limited-spaces-available in these, so have a look to reserve your space.

Early-December Specials – Calm+Confident, Clarity+PowerShifts.

Big Love and plenty of Calm+Confidence as you live into the magic of the coming weeks.