The Sower of the System, 1902, by George Frederic Watts.
The Sower of the System, 1902, by George Frederic Watts.

More than a few people have mentioned to me that they’ve been feeling symptoms that I’ve ended up calling “post-election hangover.”

To be sure, there’s been a whole lot of stirred-up stuff in the shared energy and psychic field (those M-fields I wrote about here not long ago).

Blog sister Laura Bruno has just posted a very good and timely “Energies of Now” and “Energy Hygiene” reminder — it’s an ongoing Mastery Path, and building that mastery does help.

Have a look …

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I can’t tell you how many sessions I’ve had with people this past week for whom the election and its aftermath — regardless of their politics or disinterest in politics — has triggered massive grief, anger, shock, disbelief, confusion, feelings of fear, cognitive dissonance, betrayal, and/or the desire to give up. Most of these clients are people “who know better” than to go down such spirals, but for whatever reason, they can’t seem to pull themselves out of the whirlpool.

In most cases, their usual coping tools aren’t working, because the things bothering them aren’t really “theirs” to fix.

I’ve had an unusually high volume of calls from Water Signs this past week, especially Pisces, well known for their fluid boundaries and subconscious empathing of surrounding emotions and energies. Even if you’re not a Pisces, if you feel less than optimal right now, please consider the possibility that you might…

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