Sticks and Stones. Image courtesy of Public Domain Pictures.
Sticks and Stones. Image courtesy of Public Domain Pictures.

Remember that old saying you might have heard in childhood?

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”

While timeless wisdom and ancestral/indigenous traditions would well understand this, modern research now also confirms that words can, indeed, “leave a mark” or hurt.

According to Shakil Choudhury, writing in The Wise Brain Bulletin,

“Further, social pain (for example, being excluded) and physical pain (such as being hit) share overlapping neural regions in the brain. This helps shed light on why angry expressions or words of rejection can hurt so much.”

Confidences, 1869, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
Confidences, 1869, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

As we learn more and more from recent and emerging scientific research, which builds bridges to the wisdom from more ancient traditions that understood all as interconnected and all as energy, we can more easily understand why and how words — and related things — can indeed have an effect for better or for worse.

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 More on the reference: Shakil Choudhury, Wise Brain Bulletin – February 2016, What We Say, Not What We Do.