Zen Garden in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. Photo by Jamie S. Walters, Sophia's Children.
Zen Garden in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. Photo by Jamie S. Walters, Sophia’s Children.

“Whom should I turn to,
if not the one whose darkness is darker than night, the only one
who keeps vigil with no candle
and is not afraid—
the deep one, whose being I trust,
for it breaks through the earth into trees,
and rises,
when I bow my head,
faint as a fragrance
from the soil.”

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke’s words reflect a deep and full-sensory knowing about the wild life-force, eros, Shakti energy of Mother Earth, Gaia, and the “Heaven and Earth” expressions of the Great She by so many names and faces, over as many (or more) millennia.

The Many-Named She who is the partner in Sacred Marriage to the Many-Named He.

Rilke’s musing is very apt for the newly birthed Spring in the Northern Hemisphere … or the newly birthing, whenever and wherever it’s occurring.

“To whom shall I turn, if not the One whose darkness is darker than night, the only one who keeps vigil with no candle, and is not afraid…,” Rilke muses.

A Tree Grows From Rock, Wittenoom Gorge, Australia. Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.

We get a sense of why Many-Named She — the Primordial Creatrix power the Divine Feminine — is associated with that same breakthrough liberation from that which oppresses our Divine nature.

Just like that force of Nature which moves the long-gestated seed to release itself from its underground husk and find its way upwards, through the soil and towards the light of expression … of a new Greening.

Life, rebirthed, renewed, resurrected.

Freshly Phoenixedor at least readying to Phoenix!

“…for it breaks through the earth into trees, and rises … faint as a fragrance from the soil,” Rilke continues, bowing his head to meet the rising Lifeforce emanating all around him.

These are exciting and transformative times.

Neither old maps nor old fears can guide us … or not guide us well, or reliably.

These minimally charted grounds of new territory, of uncertainty, of the unknown (or much lesser known and not very well remembered) are not the comfortable domain for the conditioned mind, either.

The wisdom of the body, the intelligence of the heart, the intuitive way of knowing … these are surer guides for such territory as we find ourselves in now.

Life has been trying to remind me of this over the recent cycle of greatly transformative years.

The wisdom of the body. The intelligence of the heart. The Intuitive ways of knowing.

These are the gifts of the right brain, the awakened heart-field, long associated with the Feminine … the Via Feminina.

As we’re called to deeper remembering of the Feminine Way, we realize more and more that all is energy, all in its way speaks, and we ask … and then watch what arises within and around us.

We look for and follow the clues.

The long-range strategic plan or, god help us, the ‘life plan’, are the works of the conditioned mind. The ego. Not a bad thing, but perhaps best taken with a bit of humor, seeing through their certainty into their folly.

The Feminine way, on the other hand, reveals itself clue by clue, step by step.We align with core virtues or qualities or intentions, and let the spirit of these pull us forward.

Like a treasure hunt of sorts. But since energy is always shifting, Life is dynamic, it’s what really makes the most sense.

We must become fluent again in Her language.

The deep Feminine Wisdom — the Great She called by many names over many, many millennia  — offer us a powerful lantern.

Flora, 1894, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan Public domain image courtesy of WikiCommons.
Flora, 1894, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan Public domain image courtesy of WikiCommons.

Of these many faces, many names, some are known, some are resting deep in the roots of ancestral memory, and some are re-emerging now, like the Black Madonna, like Sophia, like Durga … arising because the gifts, the rememberings, are needed now.

That’s how it happens.

And like Spring-time … whether season of the Earth or season of the Soul … She stirs us awake, when it’s our time for renewal and Greening.

She is our Initiatrix and our inspiration, reminding us of wholeness, of depth, of deep, deep roots that reach into underground wellsprings of wisdom and nourishment.

Stirring us awake, or to a new rung-on-the-spiral of renewal, rebirth, restoration … reawakening.

Explore. Stir. Strengthen. Green.

You can explore and stir the re-emerging Divine Feminine & the rising in Spring (or transforming with the Autumn equinox of the Southern Hemisphere) with the Sophia’s Children musings (see the recent posts, or the Nav Bar above).

What’s stirring alive within you?

What wants to grow and green within and from you?

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Big Love,