Lux in Tenebris, 1895, Evelyn Pickering De Morgan.
Lux in Tenebris, 1895, Evelyn Pickering De Morgan.

My soul arose at dawn and, listening, heard
One voice abroad, a solitary bird,
A song not master of its note, a cry
That persevered into eternity.
My soul leaned out into the dawn to hear
In the world’s solitude its winged compeer
And, hearkening what the Angel had to say,
Saw lustre in midnight and a secret day
Was opened to it. It beheld the stars
Born from a thought and knew how being prepares.
Then I remembered how I woke from sleep
And made the skies, built earth, formed ocean deep.”

~ Sri Aurobindo (India, 1872 – 1950), Reminiscence

Wishing you abundant and true blessings, and a wealth of joy, as we ‘awaken from sleep’ our Perdita-and-Sophia Gifts, and step heartfully into the Dawn of a new calendar year.

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