Persephone, like Inanna, is such an important mythic and archetypal story about the epic Underworld Journey and initiation into our deep-Feminine wisdom.

Some of us experience a real-deal Dark Night of the Soul, a true Underworld Journey, as we’re shaken free of false conditioning and stripped of the survival-armor we’ve adopted to hide away our deeply Feminine, deeply Medial Feminine nature, gifts, and sensitivity.

The Way of Wisdom goes through the Underworld, as Persephone herself found out.

That Underworld Journey often seems to involve a Pluto transit in our own astro-mythic cycles (you can see it in your astro chart), and where Pluto is, we find Persephone (you can find Persephone in your chart, too — more on that below).

In these times of epic transformation and the reawakening or re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, the Underworld Journey is connected to us reawakening, remembering, and reclaiming our own deep-Feminine, Medial Feminine nature, and shedding (or being relieved of) the conditioning that has oppressed that nature or distracted us from it.

Save Our Souls (1914-16), by Evelyn de Morgan (1855-1919). Public domain image courtesy of WikiCommons.
Save Our Souls (1914-16), by Evelyn de Morgan (1855-1919). Public domain image courtesy of WikiCommons.

So the Persephone story — her mythic journey into the Underworld — becomes a myth that we find ourselves living into and living through.

Persephone goes from being a naive, uninitiated maiden who gets ‘kidnapped’ (or goes willingly, depending on the story version) into the Underworld — Pluto’s domain — and all life on the surface withers away for a time until Persephone re-emerges, forever changed by her initiation experience.

Like Persephone, we emerge from that Underworld Journey as initiated wise women … or that’s the possibility or opportunity of these very intense, often deeply challenging transformation cycles.

Some years ago, I created a Persephone Journey audio workshop as part of the Feminine Mojo Mystery School program I offered then, but based on ongoing and recent inquiries I continue to offer it ala carte (or with other relevant audios for others called to Deep-Feminine remembrance) upon request or with consultations.

The Persephone Journey audio program shares two versions of the mythic story of Persephone’s journey into the Underworld and her emergence as a walker-between-the-worlds and initiated Wise Woman, and an original guided meditation to get a sense of your Persephone Wisdom.

Proserpine (Persephone), 1874 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Proserpine (Persephone), 1874 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Go on the Persephone & the Initiated Wise Feminine mini-journey with the Feminine Mojo Mystery School audio program(s), and …

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