In the Orchard (1912) by Franz Dvorak.
In the Orchard (1912) by Franz Dvorak.

“We humans have so much more creative juice than we realize. Our intentions create our lives and so the more conscious we become in  making our choices, the more we can shape our individual lives and  attend to the reclaiming and healing of our world.

We need to feel empowered to effect change. When we partner with nature, through plants and through acknowledging the cycles of the sun and the moon that guide us, magic happens. This is the most empowering and readily accessible source of  strength I have discovered thus far.”

~ Robin Rose Bennett, Wise Woman Healing Ways, author of Healing Magic and The Gift of Healing Herbs in an interview with Meryl Ann Butler. Read the full interview here.

This can be true any time, but since we’re in the super-energized power portal connecting the Taurus Full Moon and Samhain, it’s a perfect time for reflecting on these very Taurean-Venusian archetypal themes:

• Regaining a sense of our deepest, truest values;

• Returning to our ancestral inheritance of deep, stabilizing connection with Nature and the Earth;

• Becoming present to conscious, values-aligned intentions; and with these,

• Feeling empowered and centered to effect change in the ways that are uniquely our own, and doing that together.

Why not reflect and renew your own experiment with deep connection and deepened meaning?

How can you effect change by being uniquely you while centering yourself in the deep, true, healthy, life-affirming values shared and championed by your Earth-allied ancestors?

Big Love,