Vineyard Photo from Ventana Vineyards, Sustainable Vineyards
Vineyard Photo from Ventana Vineyards, Sustainable Vineyards

Okay, raise your hand if you resonate with this in your very heart and core (if you’re a fellow introvert, the chances are excellent that your hand will be raised):

“But in truth, there is no glory in listening. There is more glory in talking about listening than there is in practicing it. … Listening is not glamorous, dynamic, or sexy. Listening will never be the next big thing. There is no money on the listening circuit. There is no listening circuit.  People who have been well heard aren’t even aware of it half the time.”

“The ministry of listening is quiet.”

~ Adam McHugh, “Why I Am a Listener”

It’ also one of the richer and more beautiful and centering practices to cultivate.

For me, just reading and reflecting on another gem in Adam’s post – “a listening life” – calls me to listen with the ears of my heart. It’s an invitation, a cup that runneth over.

Read the rest of Adam’s heart-touching reflection, “Why I’m a Listener.” It’s well worth the few minutes it’ll ask of you.