I love this time of the year, with its juxtaposition of light and yinny dark and lots of little sparkly lights and candles everywhere.

The sparkly lights shining into the dark of night make me happy, and pretty well symbolize the deeper meaning and magic of the season.

Plus, it’s been yet another challenging year for many, particularly if you’re in a Persephone-Pluto cycle or more directly affected by the Uranus-Pluto square, so the symbols of the Winter Solstice and Season of Lights are a good reminder to go in and go yin for the rejuvenation and inspiration that sources us in our external trek.

I’m also aware that we are at the much-ballyhooed 12-21-12 date, about which so much has been written, chatted up, and hey, even the subject of a Hollywood movie.

Woo hoo, we made it. Yay us.

In the energy-intuitive sessions that I’ve done for clients this last six or eight weeks, there was a noticeable agitation, anxiety, and chaos in the collective (or connective) energy field. Pretty turbulent, and many people were feeling it and reeling.

Part of that is related to all of the adrenalin-addict drama jonesing about the “12-21-12” Mayan ‘End of the World’ or Magical Light-Beam Insta-Portal and yada yada that drowns out any deeper meaning that might exist.

The richer meaning and resources are there, though, for those who turn their eyes and ears towards them.

We’re at the Solstice and Season of Lights, and that’s pretty special in and of itself … no additional drama needed.

The ‘shift of the ages’ and Galactic alignment is longer than one day, thank God/dess, and we’re already into it. You’ve got more than one day to get it done. Cool, huh?

Rather than recreate the wheel, which I’m so not into these days, I’ll share a few links to peep-perspectives that resonate with what I’ve been sensing into.

It’s far more inspiring to ratchet down the DramAdrenalin and go for the substance. Check these out:

Cayelin Castelle’s December letter and short audio gives the most clear summary of how several storylines got jumbled into the whole 2012 Mayan Calendar Thing … so if you want some real information that helps notch down the shrill, listen in to Cayelin’s message about 12-21-12.

To get a sense of the real wonder of the ancient Mayans’ genius with cycles, calendars, and the starry skies, take a look at “We’re About to Go Off the Map”, a fab summary shared by Eric Francis of PlanetWaves.

The astrologer Maya White shines light on some astro-gems at the Solstice, including a ‘yod’ pattern that involves Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.

As you’ll see from Maya’s musing, The Hermit is a key archetype and wayshower for us now, though some of us have been very aware of this archetypal energy for much of this year.

The Divine Feminine features prominently, but we already know this and are exercising our atrophied Div-Fem muscles and gifts, right?

These archetypes and energies are intense, as we can feel and see on the news, so it’s as important as ever to include soothers for weary nervous systems and psyches.

Kindred spirit Hari Bhajan of Catalyst Yogi shares some nice insights and suggestions for this Solstice timeframe, but they’re relevant to the greater cycle we’re in, too.

We’ll find clues here for tuning into the energies and archetypes during this holiday Season of Lights and Solstice, and the inspiration can carry us into authentic visions and soul-intentions for 2013, which in turn help us to navigate whatever temporary challenges arise.

If you’re ready to explore these with a guide and inspiration partner, send along an email and we’ll schedule your sessions.

More soon, and happy Solstice & Season of Lights to you, however you may celebrate them.