To reveal. Shine. Manifest Revelation.

An Illuminating Realization or Discovery Resulting in Elation, Awe, Wonder.

It’s Epiphany, or the first of eight days of Epiphany … well, it’s more than that.

(Yes, you can take it literally and/or metaphorically, and invite and cultivate epiphanies — those ‘Aha!‘ or ‘Eureka!’ moments of sudden clarity and inspiration.)

Who can’t benefit from one or several epiphanies?

After all, cultivating Epiphany (among other things) is an antidote to the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity and the toxic-normal of our times.

So here’s one of my earlier (but updated and ever-timely) musings on the inspiration available to us during Epiphany.

“So many people are frightened by the wonder of their own presence. They are dying to tie themselves into a system, a role, or to an image, or to a predetermined identity that other people have actually settled on for them.” ~ John O’Donohue (1)

Epiphany, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio and other Energies of Now all stir the yearning to Quest and step back into the Wonder of Our Own Presence, and express and manifest that in the world. Read on …

By Yann Caradec. CC via Wikimedia.

“Yet another very warm and heart-felt new year to you, my appreciated readers and dear compadres on the Way.

Like my birthday totem, the Groundhog, I tend more naturally towards hibernation during the coldest, darkest part of Winter.

Groundhog drinks from a bird bath. Photo by Susan Sams, CC via Wikimedia.

Since I’m not a groundhog — which I bet surprises you — I’d call my version more of a semi-hibernation, following my body’s yearning and wisdom of the uber-Yin, Dark Feminine, Winter season to conserve and cultivate energy; and reflect, review, and gather vision, ideas, and insights to seed and birth in the coming year.

Woven in and through the general busyness of my usual week — it’s easy to not find time, and to go against the body’s wisdom and deep need for Yin-restoration, to push, push, push (and then have stillness come looking for us in less desirable ways).

So seasonal and spiritual milestones and holy days can offer some assistance.

Spirit of the Night, 1879 by John Atkinson Grimshaw. PD via Wikimedia.

Epiphany is a beautiful theme, actually, and one of my favorites (part of the Season of Lights from Solstice to February cross-quarter day), so I’m grateful that by some standards and calendars, we who choose to savor it have a bit more wiggle room. Phew!

Plus, why be stingy with light-stirring and light-sharing (just ‘cuz a calendar says so, and the world’s in such a ridiculous rush)?

Hop to the full version for some lovely, inspiring pics and ideas on Epiphany Cultivating …

A Time to Cultivate Epiphany Inspiration

Big Love (and enjoy the lively and inspired music video linked on the full article page!).


Featured Image Credit: Sunrise in Space from Apollo 11 (Photo image from U.S. NASA)

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

Ready to Rise … and Shine?

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