Happy New Year to you!

In the previous post, I shared Pat McCabe’s inspiring message about The Magic of Water (and Sacred Relationship).

This is another musing about sacred relationship, water, and standing for the shared values that unite us.

Antonio Guterres, UNHCR.

CNN reported that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for global unity to overcome growing challenges that are popping up around the world.

In his New Year message on Sunday, Guterres said the world appeared to have “gone in reverse” before adding, “On New Year’s Day 2018 I am not issuing an appeal, I am issuing an alert — a red alert for our world.”

Guterres continued, “As we begin 2018, I call for unity. … We can settle conflicts, overcome hatred and defend shared values. But we can only do that together.” (1)

In keeping with the theme of standing together for shared values, Sioux wise woman and activist Madonna Thunder Hawk speaks about the “Warriors on Trial,” and the two attorneys representing two of the Standing Rock warriors share some riveting insight on some of those shared values that will be more and more relevant to all of us as we move through 2018 and into the next couple of years.

These themes can express in and through us interpersonally and locally, as well as any ripple effect or calling we might have on the greater stage.

Wishing you a year of heartful courage, inspiration, and deep and true wellbeing.

Big Love and Happy 2018,


Featured Image Credit: Defend the Sacred, Standing Rock (#NODAPL), multiple sources, no attribution cited.

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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