“I know it is possible for leaders to use their power and influence, their insight and compassion, to lead people back to an understanding of who we are as human beings, to create conditions for our basic human qualities of generosity, contribution, community, and love to be evoked no matter what.”

“I know it is possible to create islands of sanity in the midst of disruptive seas. … And I have studied enough history to know that such leaders always arise when they are most needed.
Now it’s our turn.” ~ Margaret Wheatley, Who Do We Choose to Be?

Grass maze labyrinth at Dalby, Yorkshire, England. Public domain photo from Simon Garbutt via Wikimedia.

Being, creating, islands of sanity. Love that.

We see, it seems, more of the insane and inhumane greed-centered ‘leadership’ these days. Studies in bling-hoarding and power-over.

But that can be something of a ‘clarifying angel‘ for us, too. If not that, then what?

Of course, in order to be and create and presence the more humane, inspirited, healing kind of leadership and ‘islands of sanity’, we first have to be restored to the sort of sanity Meg Wheatley speaks of here.

What, don’t think you’re a leader, or have that kind of leader in you, itchin’ to get out and play?

When we think ‘leader’, what might come to mind is the celebrity business gazillionaire or political leader. A celebrity, in short.

Be the Light, Help Illuminate the Way … [Image shared in an e-message from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism]
But the real, Life-initiated leaders can easily go among us in non-celebrity or stage-seeking ways, and yet the gift of their presence is deeply felt and noticed.

That’s the invitation extended here, and you may well already being doing that, knowingly or not.

Wheatley, a fellow Berrett-Koehler author, has long been an inspiration to me, given that my own calling and vocation is very much related to what she shares here. I greatly appreciate the true Wise Elder and mentor that she is to us.

And she inspires the Life-initiated guides and mentors who follow in her tracks, so that we can step up more fully — however we’re called to do that — and share our own Life-wisened experience, presence, generosity and other “uncommon skills.

I appreciate her question, and in all honesty, have been re-centering with this question — and posing it to clients and mentees for awhile:

How do you want to be?

And also, How do you want others to be affected by your presence?

Inquiry and Reflection:

Ceridwen, 1910, by Christopher Williams, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. Image from WikiCommons.

~ Does something of this calling stir heart-and-soul recognition in you, too?

~ Is all that you’ve experienced, the challenges and Underworld passages that have ‘wisened’ you, shaping you with uncommon skills and wise-mentor-knowing meant to be given presence and expression?

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Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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