The theologian St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P., in his Summa Theologica, wrote:

“…it is better to enlighten than merely to shine.”

Is it possible to do both: enlighten and shine?

What did Aquinas have in mind and heart when he made the distinction between those who “merely shine” and those who share the hard-earned fruits of their experience and wisdom for the wellbeing of others (or all)?

And why is it actually relevant — more than we might think — now?

This theme spiraled back up in recent days and weeks in several conversations about “spiritual bypassing” and “spiritual entertainment” (or spiritual consumerism) and their contrasts.

Here’s the original musing: Is It Better to Enlighten Than to Shine?

What’s your sense?

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Featured image credit: Spiral Path in Stained Glass. Public domain image courtesy of Pixabay.