The embattled MSG. Image: India Today. See link below.

Bobbie explores the ‘outing’ of yet another celebrity faux-guru, along with the greed-reveal of a miserly celebrity American bling-worshipping, integrity-challenged mega-church preacher, in her The Shift Has Hit the Fan blog post, “Another One Bites the Dust.”

This, along with a few related posts from Bobbie’s blog, are worthy reads.

The bling-bling chase is perpetual, with all of the nourishment of cotton candy, as the skywriting pic symbolizes.

It’s all so much vapor-ware, and yet it dominates, captivates … ensorcels.

Strengthening true sense-of-Self and discernment — among other very worthy qualities and, dare I say, virtues — is always a fine, ongoing practice (and very timely in this season of the Virgo Mysteries and Wise-Woman Way of Mary Magdalene).

What’s really of worth and value? What do we sell ourselves for?

Mega-Church. Creative Commons photo, 2013, ToBeDaniel, Wikimedia.

The late David Foster Wallace reminded us,We all worship something.”

That’s what gets our attention, our energy, our time … and a whole lot of our life.

As Bobbie’s post and DFWs insight remind us, it’s really worth the discernment and effort to be sure that whatever we’re worshipping is worthy of it, and not a misleading energy drain and/or psy-vamp fest.

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Featured image: Bling-Bling Skywriting. Image by David Shankbone, Creative Commons, Wikimedia.

Scandal-mired Guru, India Today