Magdalena, by Mateo Cerezo (1637-1666). {PD-US}

July 22nd is, traditionally, Mary Magdalene’s feast day, and that’s coming up soon.

She has been spiraling back into our awareness and consciousness for more than one day a year, though, and for more than a few years.

When something, or someone, important is excised from memory, it leaves a hole and a deep yearning for it that can be palpably felt.

It haunts us. We search for it. And it matters, sometimes much more than we know.

In the preface of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves Leloup, David Tresemer, PhD, and Laura-Lee Cannon, write:

“…Mary Magdalene focuses on the inner worlds of initiation. We imagine that, not through outer pomp and pageantry, but through gnosis or direct knowing, she seeks union with the Divine. Hers is the path of the sacred marriage, accomplished within.”

No small thing, yet only a fragment of the re-emerging Mary Magdalene story.

I’m so very grateful for those doing such devoted, scholarly, and heartfelt work in that reclamation.

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A new reflection on Mary Magdalene is gestating … stay tuned.

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