Ron Finley in his community garden. Image courtesy of Civil Eats and Grist.

“This is bigger than my garden. This is bigger than me, period. This problem is systemic,” he says. “It’s all kinds of things from gentrification to food injustice to just a lack of green spaces in certain neighborhoods, and all that is by design. What we’re here to do is change the design.”

~ Ron Finley, The Ron Finley Project, & co-founder of L.A. Green Grounds

Blog Sister, Laura Bruno, helped spread the word about The Ron Finley Project — a Los Angeles man’s inspiration-sparking community garden and green space that was close to getting munched up by a developer.

Check out the inspiring story — and this current bit of ‘happy ending’ — in Laura’s blog (and hop from there to see Ron and his garden):

Victory for Ron Finley: The Gangsta Gardener Redefines the Victory Garden

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** Check out this interview with Ron Finley at Civil Eats, and the Los Angeles Green Grounds site for examples of how community gardens, ‘edible landscapes’, and green spaces are good medicine for local communities.