Midsummer Eve, 1908, Edward Robert Hughes. Public domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.
Midsummer Eve, 1908, Edward Robert Hughes. Public domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.

Thank you to all of my blog-o-sphere sisters and brothers who joined me in an experiment: The “stir blessing magic into the new year” Blesstival  … sharing blessings into the collective via blog, website, Facebook … wherever you connect.

I enjoyed co-creating some ‘blessing-energy waves’, and appreciated all who collaborated through Blesstival blog posts, Facebook posts, ‘shares’, ‘reblogs’, and quite a handful of ‘behind the scenes’ Blesstival support from kindred-spirits who neither blog nor Facebook.

Plus, it was truly lovely to conspire-in-a-good-way with blog kindreds already known to me, and to meet some wonderful new blog-o-sphere kindreds through the Blesstival. Many thanks, one and all.

Together, we stirred the possibility of rippling out the energy and spirit of blessing from within us, to the field immediately around us, and beyond, then, into the wider shared energy and psychic field.

Here’s the roster of good-juju Blesstival blog-articles to stir your inspiration or help you shift your energy and focus when you need to.

Stirring the Big Love Alive,


eSphere Blesstival Participants & good-juju posts:

January 1: My Soul Arose at Dawn

January 2: A Waterfall of Blessings

January 3: Snappy Comebacks

January 4: The Astonishing Light

January 5: Music Medicine – Ray Lamontagne’s Empty

January 6: Sylvia Fujiwara via Facebook

January 7: Behold Nature’s Mystical Call! via Linda @ LiteBeing

January 8: Sylvia Fujiwara via Facebook

January 9: Well-Fed Roots

January 10: Peace Be Unto This House

January 11: Burning Bushes All Around

January 12: Sue Dreamwalker – Lessons in Disguise & a Blessing Poem

January 13: Take Refuge in …

January 14: Ka @ Fiestaestrella

January 15: The Bird of Paradise (offered by JackSpottings via SC comment).

January 16: Mary at Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

January 17:  Debbie at SpaceshipChina – Blessings From the Big Dipper

January 18: Bridget Cameron

January 19: Blessings Flowing – Brad at Writing to Freedom

Mary Lou @ Me in the Middle

January 20: A Fullness of Joy

January 21:  Serendipitous Blessings – from Maddie at Chaos & Order

January 22: Benediction: The ‘Blessing Magic’ of Speaking Well

January 23: The Singer’s Voice and the Well

January 24: Ann Lally @ Ancient Conversations – Help Along the Way

January 25: Sylvia Fujiwara via Facebook

January 26: Blesstival on Love – from Joanne Corey @ Top of JCs Mind

January 27: Releasing the Dead Shells of Yesterday – Mari Braveheart-Dances – shared via email; titled & posted on Sophia’s Children by Jamie

January 28: Blesstival Main Page Update

May the Angels of Wildness – O’Donohue via The Value of Sparrows blog

January 29: Sarah-Ann @ Seraireland Blog

January 30: Laughter Yoga – Imagine Being on This Subway Car

January 31: Divine Blessings, via Mike Davies, Renegade Poet

February 1: Bridget and ‘A Habit of Wildest Bounty’ – from the SC Archives

February 2: Sri Devi – the Well Wishers Group

February 3: Bridget Cameron – Peace Dove Manifests a Better World

February 4: Stir your own blessing day!

February 5: Stir your own blessing day!

February 6: Joy, Presence and the Power of Reciprocal Blessing

February 7: Stir your own blessing day!

February 8: Sylvia Fujiwara via Facebook

February 9: Peace Be On You  —  Mary Lou @ Me In the Middle

February 10: Joanna of the Forest – My Soulmate Story

JoannaSilvia – My Soulmate Story

February 11: Deborah @ Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

February 12: Disguised Blessings – Maddie at Chaos & Order

February 13: Stir your own blessing day!

February 14:  Creativity and Art Make the Soul Grow – Sophia’s Children

February 15: Julia Childs, Chocolate and Cupcakes – Sarah-Ann @ Seraireland Blog

February 16: Stir your own blessing day!

February 17: Ann @ Ancient Conversations Blog

February 18: Sarah-Ann @ Seraireland Blog

February 19: Stir your own blessing day!

February 20: The Power of Graceful Receiving

February 21: Knowing the Ecstasy of the Infinite

February 22: The Indomitable Freedom Quest – via Mary Lou @ Me in the Middle