Here’s a bit of music-medicine blessing on ya.

Blessing’ is mentioned, actually, though not in the way you might expect it.

And the exquisite steel guitar accompanying Ray Lamontagne’s fab guitar and singing may well combine into a blessing-wave in themselves.

Plus there’s a snippet of lyrics in this song that qualifies as pure Dark Night / Underworld witticism — that unexpected sharp, gallows humor like Teresa of Avila’s quip I shared in a previous Blesstival post.

When I first heard this tune, I laughed out loud at that bit, and I’ve shared it with a couple of Dark Night / Underworld Journey clients who were ready for it. Laughter is good medicine when we can reach it.

And that’s a blessing, to be sure.

It’s a great song and good music, any time, though. His other music is pretty fab, too.

Listen for yourself. Here’s Ray Lamontagne’s Empty:

Big Love,

You can participate in the Blessing Wave, too! Here’s how…