Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Image courtesy of World Heritage Ireland.
Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry, Ireland, route to the monastery. Image courtesy of World Heritage Ireland.

A happy Medusa new moon to your fine self!

What if things being difficult and challenging was a sign that you were on the right path?

This flies in the face of some New Age thought that things are supposed to be easy, flowing, unobstructed, and if they’re not, you’re on the wrong path.

Not so much, maybe.

Since it seems ‘up’ for a few people around and about, I’m sharing the following post from the Sophia’s Children archives.

It’s fun to revisit because it includes a couple of my favorite quotes, excerpts, and myth-stories (like the one about Fatima the Spinner and her Tent … if you haven’t met Fatima, just follow the links).

Wishing you strong roots and healthy senses (it is a Taurus-Venus new moon, after all!), and lots of Medusa (see the previous Medusa Wisdom post if you missed that one!).

Big Love,