The Unthinkable, by Roberto Matta (11/11/1911 –  11/23/ 2002). Image courtesy of WikiMedia.
The Unthinkable, by Roberto Matta (11/11/1911 – 11/23/ 2002)

“Specialization makes sleepwalkers of us all.

The global village predicted by the seers of the 1960’s is being replaced by electronic cottages populated by isolated dreamers. We do not know our neighbors.

If we are financial experts, we are speechless in the presence of research chemists; if we are scholars, we cannot make out the grimaces of merchants. We are a nation of lonely molecules.” ~ Earl Shorris, A Nation of Salesmen

A culture of ‘lonely molecules’, bobbing around within an illusion of high-tech, low-touch ‘connectivity’. But separation, the Lone Ranger ‘do it all by our little ol’ selves’ belief, is an illusion.

And then there’s the real-deal, actual interconnection and inter-relatedness, which always exists and simply awaits our remembering and honoring and re-sanctifying of it (as our ancestors well knew).

A sense of interconnection, awe, and wonder that awakens a sense, a remembering, of reverence as we experience the sacred in all around us (and within us as well).

The 'Blue Marble' ... our living, vibrant planet Earth, as seen from space. Public domain image courtesy of NASA.
Home … our beautiful living, breathing home-planet, Earth. Public domain image courtesy of NASA.

Those who’ve had the extraordinary experience of seeing Earth from space said they were “filled with awe” as they saw and ‘got’ just how interconnected we all are here on our Earth home.

The mystics and Indigenous wise ones have long known this, as did our own ancestors, wherever they may have lived, knowing and experiencing daily the interconnection, interrelatedness, and interdependence we share.

You’ve had those moments, right? Where you’re going about your day and suddenly it washes over you — that you’re surrounded with the most amazing beauty and expression of Life, and you’re connected, one, with all of it. It may come through a feeling of intense connection with a specific person, animal, plant … a connection with other.

Interconnection … if you missed the recent post on PLANETARY, the brand new documentary film on this very awe and mystery, beauty and interconnection, here’s the trailer:

What does it mean if we are interconnected … not just with each other, but with all that is? How might that inspire or shift the way we move through the rest of the day?

Big Love,