Black Madonna, Mother of Mercy, at the Gates of Hope, Vilna, Lithuania. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Black Madonna, Mother of Mercy, at the Gates of Dawn, Vilnius, Lithuania. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

One of the most popular series of posts, along with the Empaths & Sensitive Series, are my posts on the Black Madonna, Sophia, and the Mysteries of the deep, re-emerging Feminine.

Many of the posts at Sophia’s Children arise out of my Persephone-and-Inanna-like initiation journeys — the Via Feminina — and remembering and re-embodying the Sacred Feminine, and all that that entails and creates.

But there is also a collection of posts where I’ve written specifically about the Black Madonna, Sophia, Lilith, Magdalene, and others.

So here’s a new index to many (if not all) of these posts on my experience (so far) in being called into deep remembering and re-embodying of the deep Feminine Mysteries, Sophia, and the Black Madonna.

The Black Madonna & Feminine Mysteries page at Sophia’s Children

You’ll find a couple of short excerpts from Black Madonna & Great She posts, and then you’ll see a whole list of posts if you’re really looking to stir your remembrance!

You’ll also find a complementary resource with The Feminine Mojo Mystery School audio programs (and other perks) as well. Check it out.

If you have questions or would benefit in your own journey of awakening to have a ‘been there’ journey guide and mentor, just let me know (send along an email to info ‘at’ ivysea ‘dot’ com).

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