Brigid's Fire at Kildare Abbey
Brigid’s Fire at Kildare Abbey

Yesterday we dove into flowing Piscean waters and the great sea (or Great She?) of being.

So how about today we balance those elements and dry off a bit with some flame-tending and earth magic?

I’m appreciating two beautiful musings from two sisters in the blog-o-sphere, on two of my favorite topics (and practices).

Their posts also highlight two wise-woman ways of being (and doing) that seem most vital in these particular times we’re living in: tending the hearth- and heart-fire, and tending and loving the space and place I’m in (or that you find yourself in).

Two — the High Priestess in Tarot symbolism — seems to be the power-number here. Very appropriate!

So here are two excerpts from their musings, and links so you can enjoy the inspiration from their full posts.

From Monika at SymbolReader’s, “Vesta: Devoted Guardian of the Sacred Flame:”

Portrait of a Woman as a Vestal Virgin (1780s), by Angelica Kauffman
Portrait of a Woman as a Vestal Virgin (1780s), by Angelica Kauffman

“Hestia (Vesta to the Romans) seems to symbolize the creative, enlivening spark in all nature, the undistinguishable spark of creativity in the very center of our soul, while Rhea and Demeter are connected with the manifest productivity of nature.

Hestia presides over all ceremonies aiming at purification, centering on our soul with full devotion, reigniting the divine spark of creativity, preserving and creating the warmth of our personal sacred space, be it home, homeland, or the inner sanctuary of our soul.

She calls us to center on our inner spark of divinity – the harmonious and unchanging part of our individual unique being. Tending to that fire brings us warmth, light, harmony and illumination.” (Read the full post)

And from Laura Bruno’s post on her experience with Joanna Macy’s “The Work That Reconnects,” and also in space-tending and bringing love and magic to the place where she lives:

In the Orchard (1912) by Franz Dvorak.
In the Orchard (1912) by Franz Dvorak.

“When we first found this property, I felt the pain of neglected land that had had its trees clear cut in preparation for the gut rehab of the house.

I saw the dry, cracked earth, full of scraggly weeds and dead tree stumps — and I knew that if we did not take this rental, that it would take hundreds of gallons of toxic RoundUp, imported topsoil and sod to make this yard “acceptable.”

I could feel the Nature Spirits traumatized, the animals bereft of shelter, and even though the neighbors all swore this was such “an improvement” over the way it was, every fiber of my being recoiled at the trauma.”

So what did she do? Read Laura’s full post to learn just what she did, and why she did it, here.

You can also stir and strengthen your wise woman and heartful passion-fires by browsing kindred-theme posts from the Sophia’s Children archives (you’ll see a few possible selections just below) or with the Feminine Mojo Mystery School audio programs.

Or if you’d like a few specific pointers to more inspiration, post a comment or send along an email.

And a blessing on you …

May your own hearth and heart fire be well tended, and may you fall in love with tending the space and place you’re in, in whatever tiny, medium or larger-sized ways the Holy Divine and Beloved Earth move you.

Big Love,