Return of the Dark/Light Mother, book by Monica Sjoo.
Return of the Dark/Light Mother, book by Monica Sjoo.

I intended to reblog Laura Bruno’s important and insightful (and thus highly recommended) review-post about the late Monica Sjöö’s book, The Return of the Dark/Light Mother, but stationing Mercury apparently had something else in mind.

So we go with the flow, taking our lead from water itself, and find another pathway to share key intel for those walking-the-talk on the Way (versus ‘ascending’ above such Earthly concerns … read on for more on that!).

I came across Monica Sjöö’s work in mid-2010, after waking from a crystal-clear in-between-time  message about Ta’Nit (sometimes spelled Tanit). Having no idea then who Ta’Nit was, I sleuthed a bit and learned not only of Monica Sjöö’s beautiful paintings but also writings from her own journey following still-existing clues about this particular Phoenician goddess of ‘No Fear’, Ta’Nit.

Sjöö was an artist, writer, and feminist who left much inspiration, and works in progress, too, behind when she died in 2005.

So it was a delight to be reminded once again not only of that Ta’nit connection from 2010, but also to be introduced in insightful depth to Sjöö’s book, The Return of the Dark/Light Mother (1999), from Laura Bruno’s blog post and book review.

What’s more, I couldn’t agree more with Laura’s key insights, particularly about the “just add water and stir ‘insta-shaman'” ridiculousness, and the shadow side of the New Age ‘movement’.

In her post, Laura writes:

“Sjöö presents a well-researched, sometimes shocking look at the cultural appropriation, racism, patriarchal and imperialistic attitude and actions of many New Age messages and gurus. I found her analyses articulated the discomfort and occasional outrage I’ve felt when reading channeled material or hearing New Age platitudes, as well as through observing in private sessions with clients just how much damage New Age thought has caused some lovely, sincere and good-hearted people.”

“I have never felt comfortable with the “instant shaman just add water” nature of so many New Age books and trainings, and I, too, have noticed how much of the channeled material supports passivity and denial in the face of a looming military industrial complex and international globalist New World Order.”

And Laura quotes from Sjöö herself:

“I sense that we are having a mass near-death experience at this time…  Now is the time for all visionaries — women and men — to come to the aid of our ancient Earth Mother. We must struggle to make far-reaching changes politically and economically if we are to survive, and we must indeed also mediate worldwide and dream Her alive.”

But these are just a few juicy appetizers. Please do read Laura’s full post about this important book — including timely and powerful insights — here.

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