Heart of Snow, by Edward Robert Hughes (1846-1914)
Heart of Snow, by Edward Robert Hughes (1846-1914)

“When the going got really rough, I didn’t stop. I didn’t feel that I had the luxury of doing so. I was determined not to fail at the task of offering the world a woman of strength — one who refused to be defeated.

Only later did I recognize how truly sad it is when we rob ourselves of the opportunity to greet the natural rhythms of light and dark in our daily life by plowing full speed ahead in unnatural, overly willful ways.”

Isha Lerner, The Triple Goddess Tarot

I recognize this abandonment of our more natural, intuitive ways and rhythms in order to embody the ways of macho culture.

Like Isha, I found myself “pushing through it,” whether it was fatigue, illness, anxiety, fear, and even strong intuitions that whatever I was pushing towards or pushing for wasn’t even necessarily right for me. And ultimately, I hit that wall going a thousand miles an hour. Splat.

Mother Wisdom ultimately comes looking for us if we forego our own nature, our own true way and path for too long. Particularly those of us for whom the Way of Wisdom is dharma.

The deconstruction of all that’s false, all of those macho ways and bling, is painful and frightening. All that we’d hold onto dissolves like so much sand.

But what’s left is Wisdom’s fertile ground, and from it something wholly new, something that feels more honest and true for us, can grow.

Do you feel and hear Wisdom calling?

Big Love,