Image from 'Ambivalence as a Spiritual Path' [Urban Goddess]
Image from ‘Ambivalence as a Spiritual Path’ [Urban Goddess]

“Uncertainty is the only certainty

there is, and knowing how to live

with insecurity, is the only security.”

~ John Allen Paulos


I’ve been hearing from a new wave of people in the throes of kundalini (Lifeforce) or spiritual awakening, Dark Night, and newly heightened or expanded empathic sensitivity, and looking for quality guidance and resources amidst a deluge of marginal-quality (and sometimes downright concerning) stuff. The energies of transformation continue to be intense.

Synchronously, I’ve continued to work with individual clients and mentees/apprentices as they navigate these awakenings and the transformation journeys that follow, and I’m always marinating a fresh musings, posts, and kindred-spirit links on just those issues.

Clytie, by Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830-1896)

You’ll find a considerable wealth of posts for empaths and sensitives, peeps experiencing spiritual and/or kundalini awakening, and kindred spirits — as a result of either of the afore-mentioned — who are swimming in the waters of big change and radical transformation.

After 15-plus years of experiencing and integrating a series of life-altering transformation ‘shake-em-ups’, in all of their wonder and horror, I feel strongly about holding the lantern, leaving shiny breadcrumbs, and being an Anam Cara and mentor for others traveling that particular ‘Persephone Path’).

And now, an excerpt from several years ago from a fellow traveler by the name of Robyn Lark Wakefield of Urban Goddess. While the full musing on Spiritual Ambivalence is no longer available online, you’ll appreciate the excerpt, and you can hop to Urban Goddess to learn more about Robyn.

In this excerpt, I appreciate Robyn’s invitation to reflect on ambivalence through a lens other than our typical Puritanically-influenced conditioning. What if ambivalence, among other similar states, was actually an important facet of wholeness and wellbeing? What if ambivalence is the equivalent of a rich field in which we might find new inspiration and insights growing?

Eddie Van W’s Water Reflections (Creative Commons – thanks Eddie!)

In Ambivalence as a Spiritual Path, Robyn writes,

“I’ve no fear of hard landings, I’ve had my share. And if they don’t break us, they can change our lives — for the better. We’ve got to take the blinders off and become willing participants of reality.”

You’ll find many more musings on these and related transformation-path experiences and topics as you wander the link-byways here at Sophia’s Children.

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