Woman with Cat, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Woman with Cat, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

“I have had many Zen masters as teachers – and all of them cats!” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Any among us who are of the Feline Tribe understand The Way of Cat.

And we know that we learn much from our Feline anam cara (like my beloved Luna)  — soul friends.

They’re joyous and masterful teachers, and quite the Tricksters, too, ever nudging us back into the present moment and mindfulness.

Cats have long been the companions of wise ones, yogi/nis, and others on the Path, as we see from this tidbit from Al-Shibli, a Sufi master.

“I went to see Nuri. I saw him sitting in meditation so motionless that not even one hair moved.

I asked, ‘From whom did you learn such deep meditation?”

“I learned it from a cat waiting by a mouse hole. The cat was much stiller than I.'”

Ahhh yes, and so it is … for those who have the eyes to see the wisdom of the Feline.

Big Love and Feline Appreciation,