Sirene, by Gaston Hoffman (1883-1926). Public domain image {US-PD}.


Special consultation ‘combo pack’ offering.


To give your sense of purpose, mission, passion & momentum a mojo-infusion (or ‘battery jump’ if you prefer) …

… a super-boost …

… so you can share your gifts and presence more boldly in a world that needs it sooner rather than later (or worse, never).

Here’s the intel…

In disruption-rich times, it’s easy to be more easily drawn off-center and become overly ‘spread thin’.

We know this, yes?

Because when the toxic-stew gets stirred up & agitated, we feel it, sense it, see and hear it, and experience it first-hand or right around us.

We feel more unclear, more foggy, more anxious.

More overwhelmed, confused about just what we’re doing here, ‘murky’ about what has meaning and purpose for us.

We feel more distant from knowing what really stirs our sense of inner passion and motivation.

What we’re here for, right now, and how we can make a positive difference, big or small.

Disconnected with our sense of Mission, Purpose, True-Blue Motivation.


So not helpful (even though it’s just a phase, and this too shall pass!).

Right now, many are wondering this:

“What can I possibly contribute given all this insanity?”

Then — because we’re out of our own center of agency, sovereignty, and intuitive knowing — we start comparing ourselves to others (big mistake, but ‘normal’).

We ‘should’ all over ourselves.

Then, in comparison to some unreachable ‘ideal other’, we’re sure we don’t ‘measure up’ (because in the end, we’re ourselves, not them).

Demeter Mourning for Persephone, 1906, by Evelyn de Morgan.

That can be hugely disheartening.

A real confidence- and motivation-tanker.

A massive energy drain.


I’ve been there, so I know just how that feels.

And since I’ve been there, experienced that, I’ve gathered a handy ‘backpack’ of things that really, really help make a positive shift back into agency, sovereignty, gift-expressing.

Here’s the thing.

We all — each of us — have some unique combination of gifts to offer; that’s what Frederick Buechner called our vocation … where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.

Our sense of that, our connection to it, just might be under a bit of dust and muck at the moment.

It’s there, though, and can be restored.

That’s the case for you as well.

What You Get

This Mission + Purpose Regeneration Pack is designed to help you reach beyond the fog, the muck, the dust, and reconnect to your own unique sense of mission and purpose.

Reveling in the good-juju of a waterfall rainbow. PD image courtesy of Pixabay.

You’ll Get:

– 3 personal coaching sessions with Jamie (tele- or e-coaching);

– An astro-consultation (including the custom Astro-Wisdom Report) for the most important ‘purpose clues’ and insights about current cycles you’re living now;

OR (your choice)

– A guided meditation/visualization to help you reconnect with your center and Passion Pool;


– Homework assignments that support your renewed progress and momentum as we delve into the Questions of You and how you might share your heart and sense of purpose now and moving forward.

Plus a couple of bonuses when you ‘book it’ this (Independence Day) week:

– Personalized tips & ‘recommended reading’ to help you stay centered (or return more quickly when blown off-center) and tuned in to your intuitive guidance and energy source;

– TWO $50 ‘vip’ gift certificates to use towards two separate momentum-supporting tune-up coaching sessions or astro ‘checkin’ or ‘tuneup’ consults through 2017.


The strengthened clarity, confidence, calmess, and sense of forward momentum that comes with having a Believing Mirror and some fresh insight and intuitive guidance.

Rosina Ferrara, 1878, by John Singer Sargent. {PD-US}

Your Investment …

(in your own gifts, passion & contribution to the world around you):

Schedule the week of July 4th and receive this Mission + Purpose Refresher Tune-Up package for $333.

After this week, it’ll be $575+ — still a really great offering and value, but let’s face it — $333 is pretty amazing.

(Read what a client recently said, and you’ll see why! It’s just below.)

Only a couple of spaces left for this $333 Indie-Week offering.

Book yours @ the $333 offering:

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